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Zoë Watson

I’d like you to meet Zoë.

Zoë is a beautiful, vibrant and intelligent young lady who throws herself head-first into life.

Zoë is our daughter and a sister to our son Liam.

Zoë also has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type III.

She was diagnosed at three years of age with SMA Type III after we noticed her walking with an unusual gait and never quite losing that “baby waddle”.

Zoë was able to walk independently until she was about 10 years old; since then she has relied on her electric scooter, or as she and her friends prefer to call it, “The Zoemobile”, to get around.

Zoë is 13 years old, is currently in Year 8 and is thriving in her first year of Secondary school.

Like all “SMA kids” I have met, Zoë has an enormous amount of enthusiasm for life; is very social; very smart and very stubborn!!!  Goes with the territory I am told…….It seems to me that even though these wonderful children affected by SMA have been “robbed” of some abilities, they have an abundance of many other fantastic qualities and these must be celebrated.

We would love to hear from other families affected by SMA – we live in Brisbane and know of only one other family with a child affected by SMA (of a similar age to Zoë.)  It would be lovely to make contact with other families.

(This picture was taken after a “crazy hair day” at school to raise money for Leukemia.  Her hair does not usually look like this!)